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Antonia Berbrick | ,


"Spending the day with the crew at Baja Ride was the highlight of our trip to Cabo. Having two sons in their 20's that are experienced motorcross riders, they didn't have high expectations and were very skeptical. Especially having seen several groups throughout the earlier part of our trip riding in a straight line in large groups at a slow pace. Not with Baja Ride. My sons were blown away. They spent hours riding the desert with Erico who led them on a hell raising ride of their life. They loved every minute of it and said it was the best Christmas present I ever bought them! They said they are going back to Cabo just for the Baja Ride. They gave it a rating of a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10! Fab also arranged for two my husband. daughter and I to each ride in a race driven Class 9 Baja Car. We were led out to the desert by his experienced guides and Fab was in his trail truck. We had a blast! We met up with our sons at the top of a cliff overlooking the Sea of Cortez for a quick family photo. The view was breathtaking. We all sat there laughing at another tour group that also stopped for a photo and all seemed very jeoulous of what our trip offered in comparison to their trip. I can't say enough good things about the time we had and the professionalism of both Fab and his crew. Outstanding!"




Barton Adams | ,

Group: Baja Ride Tour

My guide Javier made sure that I got to do the types of riding that I wanted to do - some rolling roads as well as some more challenging trails, some loose sand and some hill climbs. The bike I rode (XR400) was in great shape and a good match for me. I

David Lien | Miami, FL

Group: Keiser University

I was there in April of 09 and had a blast with Javier as my guide. Baja on a motorcycle was a dream of mine ever since the 1970's when I watched the Baja 1000 on ABC's Wide World of Sports.Thanks guys for making a dream come true. See you again in April

Juan B Castro | Cabo Pulmo, BCS

Group: Baja Ride Team

Que tal raza, me acabo de aventar un tour de 3 dias con la palomilla de baja ride ,recorrimos lugares con unas vistas hermosas y la brecha fenomenal especialmente la zona de los filos donde la adrenalina llega al tope,altamente recomendable.

Niels Pearson | BC, BC

Group: Friend's tours

Im sorry i took so long to send this,but i just wanted to thank you guys again.that one afternoon made my holiday.i cant remember the guides name and wanted to put it on the back of one of the pictures.does he have his own email? tell him thanks again and

Joe and Colette Stuart | Toronto, Ont

Group: Personal Trip

A great family ride, even better for a racer! From pro to average Joe. We saw the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean (in one day), mountains, washes, cliffs, tight sections, straight sections, river bed washes, rocky sections and flat straights. Somet